Kundalini Yoga Classes

If you want to connect with your true authentic self, connect with your breath.

Gong bath

If you want to connect with your true authentic self, connect with your breath.


Updesh Kaur is a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher, gong practitioner and sound healer based in London.

Combining life skills, energy healing, along with being a qualified therapist of Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy, seems to be the natural way to work for Updesh.

There’s nothing which can be more precious in you than your own relationship with your own consciousness.

~ Yogi Bhajan

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Life is an Echo, what you send out comes back.

~ Chinese proverb

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Don on Gong

Playing gong for a few years or so, I have been on a few different trainings but only after recently expanding my experience, by attending Gong Master training with Don Conreaux, do I feel the gong wisdom has finally and fully, begun to integrate into...

Goddess energy

Imbolc is a festival of purification and a celebration of the first signs of spring. It is the time when the milk begins to engorge the udders of the livestock in preparation for the first births of spring.

The art of the gong

The Use and Science of the Gong The most sublime instrument of the Yogi is the Gong. It is a musical instrument, a healing tool for the nervous system and a cauldron in which you can create alchemical blends of qualities that open and develop the Inner Self.

Spring 2017

Each season, each quarter of each year, feels like another chapter in the expansion of consciousness. At some point, every three months I have a moment of ‘review’ of what is happening through my yoga practice, and the meditations, socialising, work, or just ‘what is happening’ drops in, that realization, a moment of energetically ‘this is what seems to be going on’.