Playing gong for a few years or so, I have been on a few different trainings but only after recently expanding my experience, by attending Gong Master training with Don Conreaux, do I feel the gong wisdom has finally and fully, begun to integrate into my consciousness.

Don has very kindly written the following which I share with you now for a deeper understanding of sound healing,

In order to let the Innate Consciousness rejuvenate and regenerate the nervous system in a super conducting way, the gong must saturate the listener holistically for de-materializing the ego.

Expanding on some of the wisdom of Yogi Bhajan,  As with all true teachers there is a dispensation channel which is linked to the guru of both his and his teacher’s guru. You might think of it as a super-conscious entity of diverse multiplicity,.

The gong represents the rebirthing of “Maitreya”, an embodied symbol of the new transformation of humanity departing from what began
more than 200,000-plus years ago with the birth of present day homo sapiens.

To become maitreyan and a friend to all is a conscious choice to make. To become the new homo luminous spiritualis, and join the
greater global gong family in a mutually held aquarian universal gong consciousness, joining those growing numbers who are also
selfless servers of the gong’s holistic-resonance and the maitreyan gong’s “fullness of loving-kindness”.

Somewhere after 1970 my teacher Yogi Bhajan asked me to look after his older son Rambir while he went to high school near my Teacher Training Ashram in Phoenix, Arizona.

He told me a story about Rambir when he was a small child who wouldn’t talk. Yogiji privately played the gong for him for 45 minutes.
After which Yogiji said that Rambir would ever since never stop taking.

Yogiji then told me privately that 10 consecutive 45-minute total gong sound baths could cure anything. So, I created the All-Night
450 minute gong puja in order to make this possible to the international gong family as another tool in their selfless seva on
humanity’s behalf.

It has now spread around the world with wonderful results. Don Conreaux

If you have the opportunity to attend a 450 minute Gong puja (usually an all-nighter) then I recommend you have this amazing and
unique expereince.  Alternatively there are many 45 minute gong baths available, which are very healing individually.  Why not spread your transformation into smaller segments as Yogi Bhajan did with his son.

Updesh Kaur